Protect your home with our service contract.

For only $90 a year subscription your home is protected from annoying plumbing problems. Spend only pennies a day and you get plumbing security. Protect your home with a Service Contract for only $90 a year or $7.50 pe

Make your best choice for Savings, Response, Protection, Care and Safety.

First, your membership is only $7.50 per month. For the first 30 months, your accumulated monthly dues are credited toward any future service or repair.

Once a year, a member of my expert plumbing team (a certified service technician) will give your home a thorough inspection, scheduled service and FREE plumbing system adjustments including all connected equipment.

As a subscriber to our service contract you'll get FIRST priority if you ever need plumbing service. You'll never wait more than 2 hours for our team of experts to arrive at your home, during normal business hours M-F 8am-6pm.

You get a 25% discount on repairs!

As a member of our Service Contract you'll have the opportunity to take advantage of a whopping 25% discount (a preferred service rate) should you ever need us for any plumbing repair.

Your membership is FREE for 30 months product you purchase!

For example: If you've been a member for two years, you have accumulated more than $180. If you want a new water faucet or need a new water heater or plumbing service, you can credit 100% of the membership dues you've paid toward the purchase or service cost. In other words, your membership as well as the preceding three benefits cost you nothing... you can't lose!

Our Promise...

As a member of Our Service Contact, your home is protected from the annoyance of leaky faucets, clogged toilets and broken water lines. If a problem does occur, you'll go to the top of our service list. You will be priority-service protected every hour of every day from water damaging plumbing emergencies. If you move within our market area, you may transfer your membership to your new home or it can be transferred to the new owner. Call or Email us for more information about The Service Contract!